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For those of you that don’t know me personally let me introduce myself. My name is Maree and I am a mum of 3. Georgia 18, Kaylan 16 and Kye 11, (all 3 have ADHD) I am married to the love of my life and childhood sweetheart Bennett. I speak from experience when I write my posts about weight loss, fitness and lifestyle as I myself have done the yoyo dieting thing etc but just over 8 years ago Bennett and I finally lost 55kg between us just by eating clean (no processed food, just fresh) and regular exercise we knew we could maintain. The reason I tell you my kids have ADHD is that they are the reason we lost weight… You see we had to cut out all food with additives, colouring and preservatives for them, which left nothing but FRESH food to choose from and a little bit of creativity….they now have better behaviour and concentration levels, a better lifestyle and a healthier mum and dad… I did not realise how much of that stuff really affected all of us physically, mentally and emotionally. Now my vision for my business is to inspire, educate and motivate my clients and others to eat better, live better, set and reach their health and fitness goals, not only for them but for their children, partners and those they care about. We run outdoor and indoor fitness sessions for beginners to more experienced trainers. We also run Teen Fitness sessions to encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle for our teens. Nobody is ever too far gone or too old to start. Everybody has it in them to move more and live better. If we can do it, so can you. If you need help getting the health of your family organised and on track contact me at [email protected] :))))

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