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Adobe Zii 5.3.3 Download | Universal Patcher [Latest 2021]

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If you looking on the internet at Adobe Zii 5.3.3 Download So, you come to the right place now a day shares with you an amazing application You’re searching for Adobe Zii 2020 to download? If you have achieved this then Welcome, I’ll show you how to use this resource from our website in today’s tutorial. Then, I’ll teach you some of the key functionality and how to do it.

adobe zii

For Mac users who don’t want Adobe goods, but still want to use them on their machines, Adobe Zií is the perfect device. you can also check out the AMTEmu Universal Adobe Patcher.

There are other programming applications online, but this is the only app for Mac OS users only.

Amtemu, created by the Russian developer PainteR and not sadly supporting Mac, was the well-known Windows activator tool.

Version 5.1.8
Category Patcher
Size 9.69MB
Last Updated 1 day ago

What is Adobe Zii


Adobe Zii is a tool to enable that only uses the Mac with all Adobe apps. It is the only device you can use on macOS that is worthy of having the full Photoshop, Dreamweaver, After Effects, Illustrator, etc. versions of Photoshop, Dream Weaver, After Effects, Illustrator, etc.

This is incredibly simple to use because the software mounted on the computer will be instantly identified.

You should not be lost to pick the correct option in this way. It is really simple to use as it operates automatically and not so many precautions have to be taken.

Why Use Adobe Zii

Someone in their life doesn’t use Adobe products? Everyone does, of course! To edit images, to delete backdrop, to retouch and to have fun with it, we can use Photoshop.

Developers are coding Dreamweaver and testing their software live after results may be used in video editing. The Illustrator is also a device used in creating vector graphics, icons, and infographics, etc. However, there was a concern where these items are free of charge for fifteen days, so they can not be purchased until fifteen days.

When you would like to start using the phone, you would be told to purchase it. As you know, not everyone has enough resources to afford to buy it.

This is a significant excuse to use Adobe Zii for free enabling anything on your device. That is the most important factor.

Adobe Zii Features

Since we understand it is the best activator for Adobe goods, let us now explore the characteristics of this amazing device. I have mentioned some key features below that can be best interpreted and understood.


Adobe Zii is a very reliable tool and it never crashes while using it on your mac.

Auto Activation

Another advantage of this device is that the items mounted on the computer are automatically identified. You then simply have to press Update to trigger the activated software automatically.

Manual Activation

If you encounter difficulties when you find the device mounted on your machine, don’t worry.

This helps you to disable manual control, also known as device drag/drop. Only move and drop this code manually in Adobe Zii


It supports nearly any new and older edition of Mac and you can always use it on your computer without any question unless you are operating macOS Sierra or macOS Lion.


Some people assume that this method simply increases the trial duration, which is entirely false. You can obtain a lifetime license for this program by using this method.

This authorization stays until you update or upgrades a fresh macOS.

No Virus

Adobe Zii is safe and incorporates no malware or viruses whatsoever in its apps. It is tested with a full virus and does not include malicious code.

Free of Cost

You have to think it’ll cost you more, right now, isn’t it? Don’t think. If anything, don’t fear. This platform was rendered accessible for all by T.N.T. This project.

So you can report it directly to its creator if you find a site that sells this activator.

Download Adobe Zii

You will be interested to access this app because we understand how useful it is.

Then you can uninstall Adobe Zii step by step using our connection given. We will not use pop-up or pop-up advertisements that clean the ties.

Download Adobe zii

All right, then, firstly, you’ll see the download icon Adobe Zii labeled below, just press the icon.

You can see other details about the device on this page and there you can even find another download option. Now you’ll see a Mediafire website, and press on the link ,.

You will press the green button from here and it will take 5 seconds to launch, then the file will immediately begin downloading.

Now your file should be updated within a while and you can then continue to our tutorial below on how to use it.

Disable Gatekeeper on macOS

We need to deactivate the Gatekeeper before switching to the guide first since we can not use third-party developer applications by design. You should only switch to the guide because you already learn how to circumvent this.

This is just for those people who do not know when installing the gatekeeper and when facing the issue.

All right, then below are the measures to be taken:

Open Finder and from the above Menu Click Go and then from the list select Utilities.

After this, you need to open Terminal from there.

n terminal types the following command and hit enter:

sudo spctl –master-disable

Then type the Password of Administrator and hit enter.

Now close Terminal and then select the Apple icon from the above menu and select System Preferences.

After this, you need to click on Security & Privacy.

Open the General section and then click Lock icon located below and it will ask for the Password so type it and hit enter.

At this time tick, Anywhere Option under Allow Apps Downloaded From.

Now you are done with it so simply move to the next guide.

How To Use Adobe Zii

Open the folder where you have downloaded this file mostly it is Downloads. Here you find the zip file of Adobe Zii so just doubles click on it to extract.

It will then create the folder with the same name as it was on zipping.

Open that folder and in this folder, you will find the AdobeZii.dmg file so here you have to double click on the DMG file.

After clicking on it the app will be start opening and then you will see the window appears with the files.

If the window doesn’t appear you can simply open Desktop and find the Disk Image there.

Double click on the icon of Adobe Zii and it will open a prompt message that it is downloaded from Unknown Developer just ignore it and select Open.

Here you will see the window of Adobe Zii Activator so from here just press the Patch or Drag Button

It will start to detect the products you have installed on your Mac Computer. So, after doing this it will ask for the Root permission so press Ok.

At this time you will be asked to Enter the Administrator Password. Just type the password and click on the Ok button.

Now the application will start patching the Photoshop or other products you are using and then you see Completed message there.


That is why the code is fixed effectively now so you can use it unrestrictedly if you want. You have the real license and will use it for the remainder of your life.

How to Check Activation

It is also unclear for most people on whether your product is registered or not, whether you are unsure, then you can take these guidelines and determine whether your product is or is not recorded.

1. First, all the enabled applications (except Adobe Acrobat Pro DC) need to be started.

2. Tap on the Support button above on the phone.

2. You need to test here whether or not I’d is supported by TNT staff. If you do not see this dialog it indicates you have made a few errors so just obey all the measures above before you see this written in it.

You unlocked your Adobe app now successfully, and now you will appreciate all the wonderful features for the rest of your life. Please note that you should never upgrade your Adobe software else you will lose your registration.

Pros And Cons

Although it is the perfect method for enabling the Mac Operating System’s Adobe goods, there are already certain negative consequences. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks that should be tested before the update.


  • It is a free tool which is used for activating Adobe
  • This is the only tool available for the Mac users
  • It helps you to get a genuine license for lifetime
  • This is a free tool and you will never be charged
  • It enhances your performance
  • There is no virus or malware in it
  • 100% Anti-ban you can use your Adobe ID with this


  • The first launch will take some time
  • You may face disabling Gatekeeper issue
  • The developer hasn’t updated it from 2017
  • It is a piracy tool which may be illegal in your country
  • This tool is developed by a third-party developer.


If you’re searching for the right app for your Mac, Adobe Zii is the best device. However, you can still choose an alternate form of it if you do not consider this useful, even if it doesn’t fit well.

There are several choices on the Internet, but just two popular devices I can tell you about.

Amtemu by PainteR

Amtemu is also considered to be a method created by the Russian artist PainteR as Adobe Universal Patcher. It’s easy to download for everyone, much like Adobe Zii.

The operating system is powered by Windows and is non-macOS enabled. It requires you to be given a license, like Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe After Effect 2019, for all Adobe Goods.

Amtemu is a free virus application that helps you to fully unlock your license and is 100% antimicrobial. And so, your account is always free, as you have registered for your password.

It is offline and does not require an Internet link to access it. It is an offline application. Instead, you will be disabled for life and you must stay in your device until you launch a new Software.

Adobe CCMaker

CCMaker is more than just an activator app, as you can also access every Adobe Software separately without Adobe Code, but it is also a matter of selecting which plugins you choose to add. CCMaker may also select from language bundles.

You can save time and resources with this, as well as by picking essential download objects.

Therefore, when your installation is complete, the software will be activated on your computer automatically. You may also trigger it automatically using the bundled Amtemu Activator.

All Windows and macOS can be helped through this Awesome device. The architectures will be sponsored if you use it on a device with x64 bits or an x32 version. Between these two systems, you don’t have to use different devices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is, beyond doubt, one of the strongest resources for permanently activating Adobe products and I have outlined it all.

But several people are already puzzled and are searching for the solution on the website.

You can read the following FAQ page if you are one, where I will compile and compose the answers to several of the queries.

If you still can not find the appropriate answer, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section. I am very happy to listen to your question and would like to discuss it.

I will also attach your query to my frequently asked questions list if I consider it important to this subject.

Q1) Does Adobe Zii contain a virus?

Yes, Adobe Zii Patcher is very safe and includes yes malware or trojans whatsoever. It is also scanned by the whole virus and detects no malicious code. Even though I use it myself and never face some kind of question.

Q2) Why Adobe Zii?

As we know, many people worldwide use Adobe software, if you edit a film, a picture or a file, you need a tool from Adobe. So the thing is that such items are priced and you can have your lifelong license at no expense with the support of this method.

Q3) Is Adobe Zii Free to use?

Yeah, there are no secret fees or payments needed, of course, it is 100% free to use. You can use it on as big a number of machines as you like.

Q4) How to download Adobe Zii?

As there are a number of websites that say that they are going to send you the Adobe Zii connection, but all they sell, bothersome popup advertising and drop-under. Yet you can easily get Adobe Zii using our website as we never use some sort of connection ads.

Q5) Can I use Adobe Zii to activate Adobe Lightroom?

It’s the resource to sign all Adobe goods, as I have mentioned above, so the quick response is “Yes.” Through using this device, you can openly enable your Adobe Lightroom program.

Q6) How long the activation will remain?

You get a perpetual login before you build a new Software when you enable Adobe Zii. You should also be vigilant as you would still lose activation if you upgrade some of the items.

Q7) What is the difference between Amtemu and Adobe Zii?

There is no distinction between these two applications if we are thinking about the truth because they are both used to allow Adobe goods. However, there is a gap between Amtemu and the Windows Operating System, and Zii Patcher just for macOS.


For someone not having to spend money to buy an Adobe App, Adobe Zii is a must-have device. Since you’ll get the real authorization when you use it and it’s anti-ban as well.

And it’s always going to be safe so you won’t be identified, even though you use your Adobe Code.

There are several different ways to use this device on the internet, where two key alternatives are fully working.

You can also glance at the authorization guide to demonstrate how you can get the license in your mac if you’ve sipped this portion above and re-read it.

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