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AMTEmu | Universal Adobe Patcher – AMT Emulator [Latest 2021]

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If you looking on the internet for an AMTEmu Universal Adobe Patcher So, you come to the right place now a day shares with you an amazing application AMTEmu is also known as the PainteR AMT Emulator or the PainteR AMTEmulator as well. So many many more names. AMTEmu is also known. This is the basic activator that unlocks all Adobe goods.


You have to note that you have a 30-day trial of an Adobe product such as Photoshop, After Effects, Dreamweaver You would not be allowed to use these goods until the trial has ended. you can also check out the KMSAuto Net Activator Download.

You would then have to buy a software key from Adobe’s official website to utilize these apps again. If you’re a guy like me who won’t pay money to purchase the drug.

EMTEmu is also a really helpful device to enable the Adobe items and to use their existence. It is one of the most trustworthy and successful web activators.

What is AMTEmu


AMTEmu is a patcher created by PainteR, a Russian artist. He developed the fix to delete Adobe Products from the system.

In theory, this method replaces the initial Amtlib.dll and updates it with the file generated by this patcher. This tells the Adobe registry that it is the initial file and the license has been obtained by the customer.

It does not annoy or do something that hurts your computer or your account in Adobe Cloud. The initial files are only being replaced by AMTEmu for the change.

Among the men, it is really well-known for Photoshop activation but not only designed for it. All Adobe apps may be disabled.

The author also introduced support for the new generation of Adobe software in the current edition of this activator. In the older edition, he even addresses too many glitches.

Name Amtemu
Size 2.6MB
Format .EXE
Operating System Windows
Updated 1 Day Ago

Features Of AMTEmu


You will then be mindful that this activator is useful. Let’s now see this amazing activator’s collection of apps.

Activate Any Adobe Products

Every Adobe software can be disabled, including all iterations of certain products that can be allowed. You will now also trigger goods for 2018 and 2019 in the new update.

No Tracking

You don’t have to think about measuring yourself. All trackers that record your behavior and behaviors have been disabled by this emulator! Which renders the Adobe servers anonymous.

Get Updates

This does not limit changes, one of the great aspects of this simulator. Now, you can also get alerts from the Artistic Cloud if you use AMTEmu to enable Photoshop.

Both OS Supported

Not only does AMTEmu function for the Windows Operating System but the Mac Operating System also allows it. So, you would be happy to listen to this if you have a Mac.

Life Time Activation

For lifetime activation the creator of this device promised. For a certain time, you will not have to trigger it regularly. This is allowed before the latest Windows is updated or Adobe Software is removed.

Never Send Data to Adobe

You are 100% secure and can never be barred from Adobe because this trigger doesn’t give Adobe Server statistical details.

Never Run In Background

It won’t run or do something on your behalf. It’s closed and not running in the background after activation when you close it. In the mission manager, you may even test for satisfaction.

N-Bit Support

It supports all versions, irrespective of whether you choose a Photoshop 32-bit or 64-bit version. Without another activator, AMTEmu must disable both items.

Light In Size

This is really small and not much of your hard disk space would be used. And you can also uninstall it directly after activation when you run out of the room.

No Ads

No advertisements are visible, so you won’t get interrupted by irritating advertising when you turn on the Adobe app.

100% Free

This activator was made 100% open for all by PainteR. To have this activator you don’t even have to wait for a centime. You can report to the developer if you have a website that needs capital.

Virus Free

The Virus Total and other web resources are checked so no viruses are used. 100% safe virus and Trojans can be downloaded on my website.

Download AMTEmu Universal Adobe Patcher 2021

If you’re new to my web and you can’t access AMTEmu. You need to read the easy-to-download guide by using my given URL.


The installation tab can be contained in this document first of all. You will be routed to the download page by only clicking on the link. On this tab, you can see a separate button labeled with a copy of AMTEmu by Clicking Here.

You will see a Mediafire connection when you click on the tab. You may simply click on the Download button from here to wait 5 seconds and launch your download automatically.

Now pick your target folder for saving your file (I recommend saving it on Desktop so that you can quickly locate it). Select Install Now in IDM after you have selected the target.

Your application begins now and often it is downloaded according to the Internet speed.

This is why you downloaded AMTEmu successfully in your machine now.
Let us now test the facility guide

How to Install AMTEmu

Now you have to ask how to mount it after installing AMTEmu. Let me then clear your concerns that your device needs not to be mounted.

Only remove it from the screen by clicking on AMTEmu.exe twice, this is what it is for.

Activate Adobe Products with AMTEmu

Adobe apps are not a really challenging activity to enable AMTEmu. This works and can be completed in minutes by anybody.

But if you’re still unsure, you can read this guide and learn how to use AMTEmu from PainteR to enable any Adobe Product.

First of all the antivirus must be removed and the Adobe software always locked. Even, abandon the Machine Tray with Innovative Server.


You also need to disconnect your internet connection or turn off your WiFi for a few seconds.


Now right-click on a.zip and press Extract data, and you’ll see WinRar Window. After doing all the above things. Only select OK to delete your file in an AMTEmu tab.

Double Click on AMTEmu.exe, and open the tab. Then the key part is, you will pick the Adobe Program you would like to allow, version year, for that window too.

Once you have agreed to press Password, ask for the amtlib.dll file to scan.


To find that file you need to Open My Computer > Local Disk (C) > Program Files or Program Files (32) > Adobe. In this folder you will find the amtlib.dll file, just select that file and click on open.


If you are using Photoshop 2018 but there in activator there is no option for 2018 then you can also use the 2017 version. It will also activate it there are no such changes are made in activation files that’s why he didn’t add another option for the 2018 version

That’s it you have now successfully activated your Adobe Product. Just restart your computer and then open the product you activated then you can see there is no expiry date written 😀

This means that it is activated and can be used for the rest of life.

Alternative [2020]

Amtemu is the perfect way to enable a single Adobe app, but it has become a challenge for certain users. When you do have a question, you’re hopefully going to have an answer.

Since not only the activator is usable, it is also useful for several other devices. I’ll just mention some of the better alternatives that I use to test for myself.

List of the best choices for Amtemu:

Adobe Zii

Adobe Zii was created by the same Russian developer PainteR as an option for Universal Adobe Patcher. This device can not be used on Windows, because it is enabled only by macOS, and you can conveniently enable every software on Mac without having to face every problem.

It functions perfectly 100 percent and nobody has ever faced a problem, even though you might name it Mac’s Amtemu.

Of all Adobe apps, including 2019, Adobe Zii facilitates activation; dynamically detects and triggers the activated app in realtime on your desktop.

You won’t experience a reactivation error with this because it helps you to trigger for a lifetime. Another advantage of this activator is that in the case of automated operation, it enables you to manually change the device.


Adobe CCMaker is another Standard Adobe Patcher option, but a bit different from a normal activator.

Because CCMaker not only helps you in installing the app, it also encourages you to access the Adobe software. Basically, if you don’t have an Adobe account but you want to use it on your server, this resource is useful.

This method is supported by Windows & macOS and also offers a ton more. This asks you if you would like the plugins to launch some software using CCMaker.

This also has the flexibility to select what language bundle you choose to include so that the cost of a kit is reduced.

Now you may select a choice to enable the product using Amtemu when you start downloading and installing this software.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


You read and downloaded AMTEmu only about these features? Are you always allowed Photoshop or AMTEmu after-effects? Have you any concerns regarding this amazing activator?

I have gathered questions from the most popular Q n A sites like Quora etc. Next, you can search this FAQ page. Please feel free to inquire in the comment section if you can’t find your response.

Q1) Is using AMTEmu is piracy?

Indeed, infringement is used to disable Adobe Services through every third-party activator. These activators are often illegal to use, but people use them too so that you can use them without any question.

Q2) I accidentally deleted the amtlib.dll file? what should I do?

This is a big concern since you can not enable the Adobe App without it. But don’t worry, by clicking the word, you can now access amtlib.dll. You just need to copy and paste the file in Local Disc (C) > System Files / Software Files (32) > Photoshop.

Q3) Can I use Amtemu on my Mac?

And, of course, the Mac Operating System is also available. Yet don’t attempt to import and run the Windows software in macOS, be patient when installing data.

Q4) Can I Download adobe photoshop using Amtemu?

No, Ametmu isn’t just a download device and it only makes you turn on the app Adobe. So if you want to use Adobe Photoshop with applications, you should use CMake.

Q5) Why Amtemu?

AMTEmu Universal Adobe Patcher is an Adobe software activation tool including Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Acrobat, and others. The main explanation is that it offers you a fully free permanent activation.

Q6) Is Amtemu free to use?

Yeah, Amtemu is a free application that can be used on several different computers by anyone. You’re never going to offer a penny and not bother to pay.


PainteR’s AMTEmu is one of Adobe’s popular and most versatile activators. This provides the most important functionality not offered by other activators.

In fact, you must be wary of getting detected and banned from Adobe by utilizing some other method to enable Adobe Goods AMTEmu Universal Adobe Patcher.

Yet you’re clear of these issues by utilizing AMT emulators, as they don’t exchange information with Adobe and don’t keep track of your tasks. This stops Adobe from accessing and anonymizing the current operations.

Instead, it allows you the chance to get alerts from the Innovative Cloud. So you won’t skip any Adobe patches and get the new edition straight from the Innovative Cloud Software AMTEmu Universal Adobe Patcher.


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