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How To Activate Microsoft Office For Free [Latest 2021]

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If you looking on the internet a How To Activate Microsoft Office So, you come to the right place now a day shares with you an amazing application Microsoft Office is used all over the world for resume, summary, profile, mathematics, and more in Excel.

How To Activate Microsoft Office

But some people don’t know how the Microsoft Office can be enabled. If you’re one of them, you’re in the right spot, as I’ll share all the methods for activation in the current guide with you. you can also check out the How To Activate Windows 7.

We have split these materials into two parts; in the first section, we know the way we use Microsoft licenses.

And we will know the method of triggering without a license in the second chapter. It implies that we are now willing to receive the license free without even charging a cent.

Why Activate Microsoft Office

This is the Internet’s most commonly asked question. But, basically, it’s Microsoft’s offering, which involves a range of Office applications. You can get Term, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, One Notice, Connect, etc. for example.

Excel may be used to solve math problems or to construct maps, Outlook is an Email service and PowerPoint is used to make the display, etc. But the thing is the software is not free because it deals with the free trial for 30 days. Such apps are common in other sites, including Word can be used to build articles, resume, etc. We need to buy a license to toggle on Microsoft Office after this trial finishes.

How To Activate Microsoft Office

As I explained in the above guide why this device needs to be enabled, we will speak about the methods we can use.

Below are the forms in which it can be triggered. Now, just read the first method, in case you own a warrant. If not, you can switch to the second method if you don’t buy a ticket.

Part 1: For Those Having Product Key

We have two separate methods to enable it, as with the first method where we sign up directly for the account while purchasing it. We will use the key we purchased from Microsoft Store for the second process.

Second, the sign-in form is used. Follow phase by phase the following guide:

  • Open any of the Office Application (Words, Excel PowerPoint, etc).
  • 2. Now you will see a pop-up window asking to sign in or create a new account. If you can’t see this window then go to Files and then select the Account.
  • 3. After this simply click the Product Activation and then sign in with the credentials that you use for purchasing.

Now, Office is immediately available, you don’t have anything else to do. Now you will see that the software is working successfully.

Find Office Product Key

Now whether you’ve purchased the key but don’t know where to locate it or don’t want to sign in, take the following instructions.

  • Open Microsoft Store in case you have Windows Computer or open HERE.
  • On the upper right-hand side, you just need to click Sign In. Now enter your email and password which you used to buy Office.
  • When you sign in now click on your name located at the same place. After this, you need to click on the Order History.
  • Now locate the application which you bought and then click on the Install Office button (this doesn’t install the product).

You will now show the feature key and pass the key into all office applications such as Document, Excel, and Voila! You unlocked the Office successfully with the company key.

Part 2: Activate Microsoft Office Using Tool

Now that we have learned how the bought license is allowed. It’s time to learn how to turn on without a switch. Yeah, we don’t need a license in this form. Now we name the device Microsoft Toolkit, which we include in this document.

EZ Activator, which was created for Windows only, was the old term for this device. However, it now supports all Office and Windows goods since Microsoft reveal the KMS platform. And without a sign on our website, it offers us a true 100% ranking. The codyqx4, a leading member of My Digital Existence Forum is designing this method. This is 100% safe to use and nobody has ever talked about it.

Ok, so here are the steps we can follow to activate office using Microsoft Toolkit:

Note: Always sure the Antivirus or Windows Defender is activated until you start. This holds no infection, but Windows and other Antivirus applications blacklisted certain forms of activators.

You can disable Windows Defender by following these steps: Open Start Menu > Click Settings button > Scroll down to Update & Security > Open Windows Security > Virus & Threat Protection > Virus & Threat Protection Settings > Turn Off Real-Time Protection.

  • Open the folder where you downloaded this application and then extract it using WinRar, or 7Zip.
  • It will create a new folder there so open it and right-click on Microsoft Toolkit.exe and click Run as Administrator.
  • Now a new Window will pop-up so from here click on the Office icon. It will then open a new window with many options.
  • From the above menu click Activation Tab and then from the Tools Drop-Down menu choose AutoKMS.
  • Now simply click on the Install button under that menu and wait until you see a success message.

That’s why MS Office with Microsoft Toolkit has been successfully turned on. Then shut up all programs and open an application (e.g. Word or Excel). whether the status is verified. Now, from the above screen, simply select the File and open the Password. See the “Your Device is Disabled” status here.


This is the simple path for Microsoft Office activation. In any conceivable form that we have protected, it can be included. Now let me know what form you use or which one you liked most in the comment section.

I hope you enjoy this device, as it is for those who don’t have the resources to purchase a license. That is why CODYXQ4 rendered that fantastic resource accessible for all, of course, not everybody in this universe is wealthy.

It would encourage you to share this article with others if you only enjoyed it, and found it. This allows me to promote more positive tips for you as communication is therapy.

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