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How to Activate Office 2016 without Product Key [Free 2021]

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If you looking on the internet a How to Activate Office 2016 without Product Key So, you come to the right place now a day shares with you an amazing application Aside from those companies that provide the same facilities, but few of them are so more robust as Microsoft Office, we will choose the Microsoft office for several purposes. We use them for the function of our education, college, or workplaces, be it Phrase, Powerpoint, Excel, or some other office apps.

how to activate microsoft office 2016 without product key
How to Activate Office 2016 without Product Key

Nonetheless, when you open the door, several of you and your friends may face the question of product activation. Each time the office was opened, these windows will frustrate the customer who would want to get rid of it. Okay, this article provides the answer to your question. You just need to read and obey the measures I direct to enable without any software key Microsoft Office 2016. you can also check out the KMSPico Activator Alternative.

Office 2010 and Office 2013 without the software key may be allowed using the same methods.

How to Activate Office 2016 without Product Key

The measures will be used to allow all of the 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, or 2016 models of Microsoft Office. For the 2019 edition, I haven’t used it yet and so, for the same, I don’t learn. Nonetheless, I think it would fit well for 2019 as well. The following steps demonstrate different methods to allow the approved version of the office.

1. Using a bat file

This is a simple way to use for licensing on the Windows 10 unlicensed version. This allows you to get your Computer loaded with Microsoft Office. Take the following measures in order to create a fully product-free Microsoft Office.

First, download the .bat file by clicking here.

  • Save the file with whatever name you like & don’t change the extension from .bat.
  • Right-click on the file & click Run as administrator option.

  • Let the program activate your Windows 10. It may take around 20 seconds to complete the process.

  • The message Office Activated Successfully will be displayed.


  • You can also restart & check for confirm update for your satisfaction.

Note: If this method isn’t working or you are facing a problem launching the .bat file, then try saving the file with .cmd extension and try now it will work.

Your office is now fully available and all of its apps can be used. Please let me know in your reply whether you have Office 2019 and have followed the above process. Others may use Office 2019 to help.

2. Use Activator software to activate the office without a key

KMSpico comes with a quick guide, which even uses a very limited memory room, rendering user-friendly applications. So when people don’t grasp how to use the KMSpico activator, are they confused? I’m going to direct to mount and trigger office use KMSpico activator. This doesn’t even have specifications like other apps, so before downloading the app, you can turn off the Antivirus. Take the above measures and trigger the KMSpico device.


  • Extract the files from the downloaded zip file.

  • Open the folder containing the extracted files.

  • Open the Readme file & go through the instructions, if available.

  • Open the KMSpico.exe file now.
  • Don’t forget to Disable your Antivirus/Antimalware.

  • Disable if you forgot to do so.
  • Launch the KMSpico.exe file by double-clicking it & start the installation process by clicking Next.

  • Click the I accept the agreement option & click NEXT.

  • Browse to the folder you want & press next.

  • Wait till installation is finished.

  • The KMSpico is installed & launches.

  • Press on the red color Start button to directly start the activation process.

  • OR Choose the version of Microsoft Office that you want to activate using the Tokens Tab.

  • Press the Key button next to it, to start the process.
  • The option you chose to activate, is activated now.
  • Restart your computer to complete the process.

To trigger Microsoft Office, you can use this specific app. If you enable Windows O.S, a device reboot is needed. & The restart is not required to enable Microsoft Office because I tested it without restarting it.

Note: You can access only the new edition of the KMSpico through searching for Google. Or you can select the O.S edition. KMSpico edition as–Windows 10 update.

  • My Microsoft Office before Activation.

  • My Microsoft Office after Activation.

The above photos demonstrate that my Microsoft Office has been triggered effortlessly. I just picked the edition of Office and pressed KMSpico app Trigger Key & gone. Then I checked my office so you can see the test yourself. The trick KMSpico works for sure, even after reading the opinions it can be accessed from a trustworthy website.

3. Using KMSAuto Activator

The activator can simply install the steps and someone new to the programming environment may still use the KMSauto program to open Windows or Workplace. The KMSauto has no hardware preconditions but only Windows software & files are required to install new apps on your computer. This is therefore suggested that you have the current update of the Windows Server software. Below, I will clarify step by step “Should KMSauto activator be used/installed?”You render the initial edition of your Windows Warrant.


  • Download the software from the Internet, the latest version preferably.
  • Press on Save, to begin the download.
  • Extract the zip file downloaded, so as to begin the installation.

  • Open the folder location after extraction is done.

  • First, open the Readme file from the Readme folder & go through the instructions.

  • Then run the KMSauto.exe file to begin the installation.

  • After the .exe file is launched it will directly show you the status of your Windows Activation.
  • My Windows version is Licensed, that’s why it shows activated in the blue screen area.
  • You can also check the activation status & version of your Windows/Office using the Information button.

  • Then to Activate Windows/Office, press on Activation button first.

  • Press on Activate Office, to start the activation.

  • It will display a message in the blue screen, Product successfully activated.

You may use the app to enable Windows or Microsoft Office according to your needs. If you enable Windows O.S, a device reboot is needed. & The restart is not required to enable Microsoft Office because I tested it without restarting it.

Note: The KMSauto quest is only accessible to use–the new edition of KMSauto. Or you can select the O.S edition. KMSauto edition–Windows 10 update.

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Did it Work?

The article demonstrates 3 approaches that are possible without the use of a software key to enable Microsoft Office. You may also enable the office by utilizing Microsoft Toolkit tools.

The usage of the activator helps you to enable your Windows free of charge for Office 2016. It makes 4 strategies in total and everything is going to operate easily. You may state in the comments below which system effective for you as your office is now allowed. Again, I’d be happy to support you guys if you have any questions telling me by reading down.


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