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How To Activate Windows 7 For Free [Latest 2021]

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If you looking on the internet a How To Activate Windows 7 So, you come to the right place now a day shares with you an amazing application Millions of people around the globe are using Windows 7. Nonetheless, most do not even know how to correctly enable Windows 7. Here is the ideal guide if you’re one of them to help you overcome this problem.

How to Activate Windows 7

The technique I post functions 100% good and is much too simple to use. This guidance refers both to those who purchased the license key and to others who have no access. I will give you free keys in bonus for all true models. you can also check out the How To Activate Windows 10.

What Is Windows 7

Windows 7 is the personal computer operating system that Microsoft has created. This Windows, published in October 2009, was revealed in 2009. It’s a Windows XP and Windows Vista hybrid.

That is why the planet has achieved so much attention because people have enjoyed it.

It is 2020, so people enjoy it and accept it as their favorite operating system. The interface is too simple and user friendly, so Microsoft first reveals the benefit of openness.

Yet unfortunately, after 14 January 2020, Microsoft confirms they would not upgrade this Software.

Because this is the best OS, it doesn’t imply that it is safe, because if you choose to use it, it costs you money. You can obtain a 14-digit code if you purchase this Windows from Microsoft. This is also the device key we used to trigger Windows 7 or the license key.

How To Activate Windows 7

We are now going to analyze two processes. The first approach is among people who have already acquired a Microsoft key or license.

So even those who don’t have a key are the second type. So, you’ll read the first option if you already have a license key, but want to receive a free bonus key which I mentioned previously rather than reading this post.

Method 1: Activate Windows 7 Using License Key

Ok, so first let’s talk about the first method:

  • first, we need to open Start Menu from the Taskbar or simply press the Windows Logo key.
  • Now from here right-click on Computer and then open Properties.
  • After this now scroll down and click on the Activate Windows now.
  • Now make sure you are connected to the internet because this method requires the internet. When it detects you have internet this will ask Activate Windows online now.
    Administrator permission required
  • After clicking on Activate Windows you will be asked for Administration Password just enter that and click the Next button.
  • At this time you will see the small Windows asking to enter that key so just copy and paste that key you get from Microsoft and click Next.
  • This will take some time and after this, you will get Windows is Activated notification.

This just shuts Windows and taps my screen correctly, then scrolls to see the status of Windows. Huhuhuh! It’s switched on now and that’s the only way you’ll use it.

Method 2: Activate Windows 7 Without Key

You haven’t got a key? Don’t have purchasing cash? But don’t think: D. Do not care. Since this approach only extends to anyone that doesn’t have a key. Therefore, we are using the Windows 7 Loader method in this tutorial.

Team Daz is now improving this platform and rendering it open for all. All variants and variations like Advanced, Supreme, House, Simple, etc. are provided. It also facilitates the development of both x32-bit and x64-bit. The platform is 100% virus free and we do not even have to think about it because it is created by Team Daz.

Even though Windows 7 Loader grants you a real lifetime license. If you have one, you can insert your own address. This Windows Loader can also be used to create keys for free. If you use it yourself, there are also other interesting apps.

Ok, so let’s check out how we can activate Windows with Windows 7 Loader:

  • First, we need to download this tool by following this link: Windows 7 Activator Download
  • 2. Now simply disable Windows Defender or any 3rd-Party Antivirus if you are using. You can follow the below steps to disable Windows Defender.

Open Start Menu > Click on Control Panel > Now select Tools and then click on Options > From the menu choose Administrator > now just uncheck Use This Program > After this click Save and then Close all the Windows and Restart your computer.

  • After this now you need to open that folder where you downloaded Windows 7 Loader. Now using any tool like WinRar, or 7Zip just extract the zip file.
  • 4. It will create a folder there so open it and right-click on Windows 7 Loader.exe and click on Run as Administrator.
  • 5. The program will be opened because it is portable and doesn’t aks for installation. So, here you see many options don’t touch any of them.
  • 6. Stay in the Installation menu and then you see the OS information now simply click on the Install button. It will load some files and see the green progress bar.

That is how the program, and you see a good response there, can be done within a few seconds. Just restart your machine and press My Machine with the right button. The activation status that is activated in Windows can be seen here.


Windows 7 is the world’s most common operating system. I use this myself for several years, but I’ve been switching to Windows 10 lately. This is the ideal tutorial for enabling Windows 7 if you’re not using it.

The tool I mentioned above works very well for any problem. It detects which build or which version you are using automatically. But it is the true activation that I enjoy the most. Now you can conveniently receive an original license from Microsoft with the help of this Converter.

If you have any questions, please inquire in the comment area. I’d love to hear from you and I’ll be able to assist you.


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