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KMSAuto Net Activator Download For Windows Official [2021]

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If you looking on the internet for a KMSAuto Net Activator Download So, you come to the right place now a day shares with you an amazing application Microsoft Items including Windows & Office’s were enabled by KMSAuto Net. This helps you to unlock every Windows update between 7 and 10 without costing the Microsoft corporation a cup of money.

This activator is not spamming the Windows Computer so that it appears like it is the Windows initial edition.

The outstanding activator can allow you to trigger every Microsoft Office update rather than just enabling Windows. It will make both versions if your office edition is in 2003 or 2016.

While this will allow you to enable the new MS Office update, which is 365, no other activator has such a great device.


Name KMSAuto
Size 5.0 MB
Version 10.2.0
Requires Net Framework 4.0
Developer Team DAZ
Category Activator
Updated 1/1/2020
Content Rating 5 Stars
Installed 600,000,000+
Features One-Click

What Is KMSAuto Net Activator

KMS AUTO is more than you think, not just a Windows 10 Activator. It is the multi-function activator that offers you even other options rather than simply opening the screens.

Microsoft Windows models including Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, etc. can be disabled using KMSAuto. It ensures that to access other models, you will not have to import and configure specific activators.

You can also use MS Workplace from 2006 to 2016, which contains Workplace 365. It can be included in Microsoft Office.

You will not require a qualified guide to mount or disable your Windows when using this device. It is immaculate.

This device is 100% protected and clear of viruses while other activators have viruses or trojans that are really seriously destroying your machine. That is why KMSAuto is the best popular by users because it is user-friendly and extremely dependable.

How KMSAuto Net Activator Works

KMSAuto functions like the KMS application in Microsoft. The KMS is a Central Monitoring System for large organizations.

As you realize that these businesses have so many machines and that it is really expensive to find a Windows copy for each computer. This is why for these businesses, Bill Gates built this KMS server.

Once Windows is patched, it triggers the computer immediately without the key installed.

The KMS server on the machine is immediately discovered and linked with each other. The same procedure is also used to toggle on your Windows by KMSAuto.

Once you enable Windows, the KMS system is linked and Windows is considered to be a true network. You should simply activate it just by utilizing the buttons.

You will also be the last keys used to unlock your windows with the keys given by KMSAuto. Within a few taps, it even activates the MS Office.

KMSAuto Key Features

KMSAuto offers its consumers a number of apps. Until you install it on your device, you must test all the apps. Then you’ll hear what you’re going to use and what you will expect from this awesome activator.

Activate Windows

It allows you to openly allow the Microsoft Windows App through this KMSAuto activator. When you’re one of the individuals who won’t afford or don’t have enough funds to get the Windows OS initial edition.

To enable your Devices, you must use this activator. It gives you an initial windows rank and tells Microsoft that you use the original copy whenever you link your Computer to the Internet.

Most more activators do the same, but the thing is that they are detected and you are classified as a spammer or delete the Windows.

Activate Microsoft Office

Do you still use the MS Office on your machine and have a copy of the third-party website downloaded rather than downloading the initial one?

Your test has expired too, but without charging for it, you do want to do it for free. So you will be pleased to learn that you may trigger your office via KMSAuto too.

If a variant of 2007 or 2016 is used doesn’t matter. Only Office 365 can be activated with this activator, which unlocks the whole MS Office update.

You will then access all the restricted office services free of charge until your Windows is reinstalled or your office is removed.

Activate Windows Using Keys

If you do not recognize the KMS API and choose to use a Software Schlüssel to enable your Windows. This app may also be used to do so.

There are several pages that claim they offer the original keys to you, but actually, they offer useless fake keys to you. You need to locate the correct keys on the door. You need to waste hours looking through Google.

KMSAuto recognizes the variant automatically and then sends you the right key in a couple of seconds. You will then copy and insert the key in the Allow Windows portion, and then finish it.

No Advertisements

It is one of the main things I enjoy in KMSAuto Activator as it includes no commercials. I’ve seen a number of triggering activators, but they have so many distracting Windows advertisements.

Then you can toggle on your workplace and Windows OS without the advertisements distracting you.

Backup Files

The configuration files are immediately backed up to be updated without any more measures, as soon as you launch your Windows again.

This nice functionality allows you to have your windows broken and the file is not linked to the internet or to your devices.

Permanently Activate Windows

You will be conscious that your windows are not irreversible because you have disabled your windows with some other activator and your windows are immediately deactivated.

However, the Windows were permanently mounted utilizing this KMSAuto activator. For a certain date, you don’t have to re-activate screens.

100% Virus Free

It is a 100% secure and virus-free activator. Don’t worry, it’s ransomware evidence for Trojan or ransomware. The Virus Total searches and many Internet consumers like it.

System Requirements


  • It needs to have .NET Framework 4 Package installed on your computer.
  • You need to log in as an Administrator otherwise it will not work.
  • 5MB of your Hard Disk space is required to install.

Have you just read the features of the KMSAuto Activator? Want to download the activator?

Download KMSAuto 2021

Then let’s just move to the download link and also will teach you how to download KMSAuto by using our download link.


Only, you have to click on the Above download icon. You are then forwarded to our preview page when you click on this.

Before that, you must click on the download button and then the Mediafire connection is received.

Click on the Install Now now in the Mediafire and it will take a couple of seconds and you can launch the update automatically.

Time to access depends on the website. Don’t blame my Lol Update Service.

How To Install KMSAuto

KMSAuto Setup is quite distinct from the normal device deployment. Even prior to beginning the update process the antivirus has to be disabled.

You will then uninstall your KMSAuto if you do not disable your antivirus or your Windows Protector. Don’t doubt viruses for 100%, but Microsoft has Blacklisted it when allowing the Windows operating system.

As you know that activating Windows or any other software using a third-party activator is piracy. This is why they have Blacklisted KMSAuto Activator.

Ok, enough talk now let’s move to the installation process.

  • First of all, as I told you above you need to disable your antivirus or Windows Defender.
  • Now extract the file and enter the password (You can find the password here).
  • After extracting just double-click on the icon and an installation window will appear.
  • In that window follow all the steps and then KMSAuto will be installed on your computer.

That’s all 😀 Isn’t it easy 😀

Now the key portion of the post, MS Office and Windows are enabled by means of KMSAuto. See the following instructions such that during setup you do not make any mistakes.

How To Activate Windows Using KMS AUTO

Activating Windows is not a very difficult task. It’s very easy and will not consume much time.

You will need to restart your machine after downloading KMSAuto before going through the activation phase. The phase is as easy as feed (Lol only Kidding: D).

Go back to your Windows Protector and Uninstall Real-Time Security (you won’t be able to access KMSAuto otherwise).

Then go to Menu Start and search for the KMSAuto.

Click the KMSAuto button now, and the computer shows a new KMSAuto App.

There are several ways open to you to simply press the Allow Windows icon.

It only takes a few seconds and you’ll see a message of progress. Close the KMSAuto and restart your machine after this post.

You just have to click on my machine right now and on Property. You will see the activation status for your Devices.

How To Activate Microsoft Office

Now it’s MS Office after you’ve allowed Microsoft Windows OS.

The cycle of activation is exactly the same. You need to restart the machine when you have opened windows.

In Windows Protector, you now need to deactivate your real-time defense again.

Again go to the Start Menu and Search for the KMSAuto, you will see it’s a logo there just click on that.

Here you will see KMSAuto is opened on your Screen.

Now you first need to open any product of Office, for example, Word or Excel.

After this don’t minimize the Excel or Word just let it opened and then open the KMSAuto there.

Now you can see there is a button called Activate Office. Click on that button and you will have to wait for a few seconds.

You have to restart your machine after you see the progress notification on your phone.

You’re going to see here that there is a menu-labeling account clicking on it when you restart your machine now open Word and press on the tab. You must find out whether or not your office is allowed.

If it is not available yet, you will again be vigilant in pursuing the same method.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have you read the features of KMSAuto, upload, install & enable?? Are you any concerns that you really want to ask?

You would then have to look at this FAQ page where several of the questions I have posed regarding the internet are stored. Such pages were compiled from the most common query posed for forums like Quora etc.

Q1) Will, it permanently installs my Windows or I have to activate it again and again after a specific time?

Yeah, that would finally open the windows so you don’t have to unlock them again, of course. After reinstalling the Windows App you only need it.

Q2) Does this activator harm my computer?

No, the machine rarely hurts as it’s free of viruses as well as trojans and malware. Don’t worry, it’s healthy and stable, you can use it without anxiety.

Q3) Is using KMSAuto is illegal?

Well, well. It is theft to use pirated apps or to disable the activator. Instead, without any question, you can still use it. Since it reveals the initial copy of the program.

Q4) Where Can I find the latest version of KMSAuto?

Our website provides you with the new edition of KMSAuto. As we discover new changes, we keep updating the ties. And you should not bother yourself with the current edition.

Q5) Can I uninstall KMSAuto after activating Windows? will it deactivate my windows?

Sure, once your windows are allowed, you will uninstall KMSAuto and your windows are not disabled. After the uninstallation, your windows would be and stay working.

These are some of the queries I’ve received most recently. If you can not locate your response, please inquire in a comment area. You may test your request here.

I’m still there to comment and support you. I’m really pleased to know from you.

Best Alternatives

I hope you enjoyed the KMSAuto Activator, but often you don’t like it or don’t do the job because you plan to switch to alternatives.

On the internet, there are several solutions to KMSAuto, but choosing the best one is an incredibly challenging process. For this reason, I’ve gathered some of the best and most popular KMSAuto activators.

They are 100% safe to use as well. If the individual activator doesn’t work for you, you can test them one by one.

Now let’s see the chart of the alternatives:


KMSPico arrives first because this wonderful activator will never malfunction so you can never be disappointed when you use it.

Its program is automatically triggered and works in accordance with KMSAuto. The KMS Server approach is often used to enable the windows.

The scale is really compact and quick to use. The user interface is really simple and everyone will grasp it in a matter of seconds.

Two ways to allow windows are available from KMSPico.

1 auto-activation:

This activator offers you an automated activation feature, you read this correctly. You can see that when you launch KMSPico 11, you have an Auto KMS badge, click on it, and your windows are automatically enabled.

Manual Activation:

Manual activation lets you pick which software you would like to activate. If Office or Windows is unwilling to be allowed (or whether you already have the software enabled).

This approach may then be used to prevent overwriting files. In certain instances, this is indeed very helpful.

Instead, certain drawbacks of this activator are still present. See the section below for Pros & Cons to figure out what you are missing in this activator.


  • Activates all versions of Windows 8, 8.1 & 10
  • It can activate all the versions of Microsoft Office from 2003 to 365
  • KMSPico also allows you to activate Windows Server
  • It doesn’t require any internet connection
  • 100% safe & secure
  • Virus & Trojans Proof
  • Very light in size
  • Easy to use


  • No option to Activate Windows 7
  • It asks for administrator permission

Microsoft Toolkit

The Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Workplace activator is another one. The EZ activator was Microsoft’s first name.

Microsoft Toolkit operates on a KMS Server concept which substitutes for auto-generated files for original files. This activator operates on both 32-bit and 64-bit processors.

Any Windows & Workplace edition can be enabled as it also supports allowing Windows 7. Microsoft toolkit is the right choice for you if you’re already using Windows 7.

This would automatically disable them to prevent complications and proceed to track the activation. It even offers you the original keys that can be disabled if you do not want the KMS system to be used.

This cause is always free and no mischievous advertisements are present. You do not need an internet connection that works fully independently of yourself.

Not only does Microsoft Toolkit allow you to activate Windows, it also allows you to activate Windows Server.

Let us now look at this alternative’s pros and cons:


  • Activates All version of Windows (Including Windows 7)
  • It helps you in activating all version of MS Office
  • Your windows & office will be activated permanently
  • Microsoft Toolkit guarantees you for the Genuine Activation


  • Administrator Privileges are required to run this activator
  • Needs to disable Anti-Virus before installing

Windows Loader

It is also classified as the Windows 7 driver for Windows Driver. You will disable all models of Windows 7 with this option. The team Daz creates it.

Team Daz is the most popular to create such activators, and you must have listened to this name already if you are an old customer of such activators.

The first one is mechanical, the other one by creating unique keys, and the second has two methods for triggering the devices. The two methods of activation can be selected.

Digital computers are also sponsored. The greatest thing is that almost any language is sponsored. So Windows Loading is one of the better choices for you when you use Windows in some other language.

It has the restart trial function that will enable you to restart the trial at the end of it. If you don’t like the third party activator or whether your Computer is broken, it is very handy. It’s very useful.

Windows Manager is free of use and free of charge.

Let’s see Windows 7 Loader’s Pros and Cons:


  • Automatically Detects Your System Information
  • Activate Windows 7 OS
  • Generate Genuine Keys For Manual Activation
  • Auto Activation Feature
  • Trial Reset Feature
  • Bypass the Genuine Windows Verification
  • Supports Multiple Languages


  • It only activates Microsoft Windows
  • Maybe it contains bugs because it is not updated for a long time


There are some Windows Activators greatest and most important. This is why I share with you, I have tested all these alternatives. You will disable your windows indefinitely without having to spend a penny by utilizing the above alternative or the KMSAuto.


This is the KMSAuto Activator’s short and full guide. This activator needs to be tested as the optimal alternative and the perfect windows and office activator.

I’ve also been discussing some of the latest KMSAuto alternatives you ought to try out. They are the greatest in their own way.

Do you skip the collection of features? When not, you do not grasp what this method offers you. You will instead log out. I have listed the above Installation Guide step by step if you missed it, please check this out.

And, during deployment, you will not find any mistakes. They are the perfect way to trigger without spending some money on your Microsoft goods.

You can even bookmark our website so that you get the daily alerts if you want this article to share with your mates. Follow the hunt once a month for the last and newest activators on our website.

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