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Windows 10 Product Key for Free 2020 [100% Working List]

If you looking on the internet a Windows 10 Product Key So, you come to the right place now a day shares with you an amazing Method Windows 10, which is Microsoft’s new iteration of the Windows App, is one of the world’s most common Apps. Most users update to Windows 10 on a daily basis. However, you’ll have to have a valid license or Windows 10 device key to use Windows 10.

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You will allow Windows 10 on your laptop or desktop to access all the apps using Windows 10 Product Key. Yet locating actual and functioning product keys is not easy. you can also check out How to Activate Office 2016 without Product Key.

Now, it’s no longer an issue. A list of Windows 10 devices has been collected on the market in almost every Win 10 series. So irrespective of whether you are a company consumer or a networking person, in this post, you’ll get your connection.

Yes, as most people know, Windows 10 just has two models, i.e. Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro are the other two. That is not accurate, Microsoft has several other variants accessible to users depending on specifications.

Therefore, I would like to share a list of Windows 10 models available on the market until we move to a list of Win 10 keys.

Different Versions of Windows 10

There are 12 Windows 10 models, each of which could have an’ N’ sub-classification. However, the 12 are the most significant Windows versions that Microsoft officially releases. The details are:

  • Windows 10 Home
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Windows 10 Pro Education
  • Windows 10 Pro for Workstation
  • Windows 10 Mobile
  • Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB (Long Term Servicing Branch)
  • Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise
  • Windows 10 Education
  • Windows 10 IoT Core
  • Windows 10 S
  • Windows 10 Team

All these types of Windows have been built for numerous uses such as smartphone users, workstation users, others for just educational purposes, and so on. The growing edition is better in its own category and has a useful function that makes the Windows 10 valuable.

Now that you know the updates, I share all Windows 10 feature keys and ways to unlock Windows using the keys.

Windows 10 Product Key

Below are the 10 device keys for Windows, which I may pull from different sites on the Internet. SO, according to your edition, you can pick a product key and trigger Windows 10.

Don’t panic if the keys above aren’t functioning. Below we have 40 more job keys for Windows 10. All of those keys function 100% and can be used for Windows 10 activation.

How to Activate Windows 10 using Product Key

There are 3 methods that I will explain to you now, using which you can activate your Windows 10 and use all its features that you couldn’t use before.

1. Activate Win 10 using Command Prompt

In order to trigger your Windows 10 with the command prompt, I will suggest that you first select one of these keys from your Windows 10 edition and then follow the following steps:

  • Open command prompt in administrator mode.

Enter command slmgr /ipk license key, where instead of text license key you should genuinely enter the license key you chose and then press Enter.

  • Now, enter the next command slmgr /skms kms8.msguides.comand press the Enter key.

  • Finally, enter slmgr /ato and press the Enter key to run the command.

The first command signs the PC’s license key, and the second change the order on the KMS website, with the third-order, eventually changing the software key on the screens.

Note: In one edition of Windows 10, there is more than one switch, such even if the program becomes rare, you may use alternate keys.

2. Batch File Method

The batch file process, which you only need to execute and end, is a further process to enable Windows 10. Once you restart the program, your windows should be allowed.

  • First, open this page; HERE

  • Copy the full code and paste it in a New Text Document.

  • Save the file as a cmd file. If not working with cmd extension then you may try bat extension. You can name the file as Activate.bat or activate.cmd and save it. (Your antivirus may instantly delete it, if it happens, disable the antivirus and try saving the file.)

  • Right-click and run the file as Administrator.

  • Done.

Now, to check whether Windows is allowed, you can restart your machine. I’ll share with you the measures to test if your Windows 10 is real or not if you don’t know how to verify then don’t think about it.

Note: Feature keys for Windows 10 are already written in the above code section. You may still alter the component key and attempt to implement the instruction, whether the key is not entered or operates improperly.

3. Easiest Way to Activate Windows 10 Key from Settings

This approach is a system that any Windows 10 user requires to learn explicitly and conveniently. You will then use a device key to take the following steps to sign your Windows 10.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Now, go to the Update and Security section.
  • From the left column, click on Activation.

  • Now, choose to Change Product key.
  • Enter the Windows 10 product key from above and activate windows 10.


The machine can now be restarted to make adjustments, and after restarting it, you can test if Windows 10 is allowed or not. You will see the next level and obey the direction to test the activation status for Windows 10.

How to Find Installed Windows 10 Key 2020

The method to check the installed product key in windows 10 is very easy and you can easily check the product key by following the steps:

  • Open the command prompt in admin mode.
  • Now, enter the command – wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey and press Enter.
  • The next line will show you the product key.

Also, you can refer to the below methods to check for the same.

  • Open the Windows Powershell in admin mode.
  • Now, enter the command – powershell "(Get-WmiObject -query ‘select * from SoftwareLicensingService’).OA3xOriginalProductKey" and press Enter.
  • The next line will show you the product key.


You should then use the latter to test the Windows 10 feature card. Yet I’d suggest you purchase a real Windows 10 device key and say no to piracy after bringing you through all these measures.

How to Purchase Genuine Windows 10 CD Key

So, as I said that you should buy and use a genuine version of Windows 10 and to do so, I am sharing with you the link to buy the official version of Windows product key – buy genuine Windows 10.

Enjoy Activated Windows 10

The article also has numerous methods for allowing Windows 10 with a license key, and even two methods for testing the Windows 10 User Name.

Additionally, for the specific models of Windows 10, a set of Free Windows 10 device keys is provided, along with titles for all variants of Windows 10.

So, I hope that you have got what you are searching for and if you have any queries then, comment below and I would be glad to help you.

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